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bigbluedot.gif (1147 bytes) If you are looking for short term Internet solutions, want to check your e-mail, use a PC by the hour, need to use a printer or are having technical problems with your PC or software, Look no further!!!
bigbluedot.gif (1147 bytes) Do you have AOL but are tired of paying expensive phone bills? Call us for LOCAL dial-up service in Cape May County. You can keep your AOL service but use Avalon Internet Services for your dial-up. Or, use us as your exclusive Internet Service Provider.
bigbluedot.gif (1147 bytes) We can provide you with short term (minute-by-minute) or long term (monthly/yearly) Internet Service for as low as $9.99/hr or $15.95/mo.
bigbluedot.gif (1147 bytes) We have our own fiber optic Internet Server located right on the Seven Mile Island so we offer completely local dial-up access and the latest and most reliable Internet Access in the Cape May County area.
bigbluedot.gif (1147 bytes) Come to our retail facility in beautiful downtown Avalon (on Dune Drive directly across from Avalon Borough Hall) to use our fully equipped work stations or printers, surf the net, or consult with our staff.

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