Avalon Internet and Networking Solutions
General Terms and Conditions of Service Contract

Avalon Internet and Networking Solutions (AINS) shall provide the Customer access to the Internet subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

Termination: The Customer may terminate this agreement by providing written notice by e-mail, FAX or US mail to AINS 30 days prior to the renewal date. Less than 30 days notice may subject the Customer to extra fees. AINS may terminate this agreement without prior notice to Customer for violation of this agreement, and in such case, there will be no refund of prepaid charges.

Billing and Payment: Payment for recurring access charges and setup for the agreed upon term is due when the order is received by AINS for processing, and in advance of granting access. Payment for renewal of service is due seven calendar days in advance of the end of the current pre-paid term. Credit cards are billed automatically. All accounts are subject to suspension of service for non-payment within the specified terms, and accounts that have been suspended for non-payment for more than 5 days are subject to deletion and termination of the service agreement.

Indemnification: The Customer agrees to hold harmless AINS from any lawsuits, claims, damages, liabilities, or expenses arising out of the actions of the Customer or any person using the Customer's account. This indemnification provision shall survive any termination of the Customer's account.

Privacy of Communication: AINS respects its Customers' privacy and will not randomly monitor nor disclose the contents of private communications. However, the Customer agrees that AINS has the right to monitor or disclose the contents of private communication if AINS reasonably believes that such action is necessary.

Avalon Internet and Networking Solutions
Acceptable Use Policy

Please know that it is every user's responsibility to be acquainted with these Operating Rules of Avalon Internet and Networking Solutions (AINS) and to abide by them accordingly. Also, know that any user(s) found violating these Rules will be banned from this system. Violators give up the right to a refund of any or part of subscription fees or any other fees collected, whether partially used or not, by violating the rules of this system as defined below. All violators also give up the right to any legal recourse against AINS, its owners, associates and employees.

1. This System does not allow the distribution of copyrighted material including Adult content files, information or Adult material.

2. Foul or inappropriate language and/or harassment of other users on or off our system is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

3. No e-mail, file or any such method of carrying information on this or any other System can be considered to be 100% "private".

4. This System is not to be used for any form of "illegal" activity. Any activity that is considered "illegal" by the State of New Jersey and by the Federal Government Authorities of the USA is banned on the System. "Hacking" constitutes a system violation. "Hacking" is defined as any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any system, either on AINS's network or any other network. All violators will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law. Such violators will indemnify AINS and its owners, associates and employees from all damages and occurrence of such activity. AINS, its owners, associates and employees will not be held liable for any incident or occasion of such activity.

5. All "Dialup Accounts" are single user, interactive-use-only accounts. Idling on a dialup account is not permitted. "Idling" includes but is not limited to any unattended process. AINS reserves the right to declare the connection idle and take appropriate measures to prevent future violations. [Not applicable to Dedicated Dialup Accounts]

6. Any "unsolicited" e-mail or newsgroup posts sent by a user on AINS as defined by the current "spam" guidlines.

7. The user agrees that it is their responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of their password. The user agrees that they will be held responsible for the actions of anyone using their account with their permission.

8. The user may not access the Service on more than one machine at a time or using more than one modem at a time.

9. The user acknowledges that any goods or services not clearly identified as being sold by AINS are offered by third parties via the Internet. The user acknowledges that all transactions involving third parties are solely between the user and the third party and do not involve AINS in any way.